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Join restaurateur Giancarlo Caldesi aboard our flagship vessel 'The New Orleans' for a night of delicious Italian cuisine and entertainment. The charismatic chef will not only cook your 3 course feast but will interact with his guests dressed in full Centurion costume to celebrate his book release 'Rome - Centuries in a Roman Kitchen'.

The Menu will be a celebration of some of the wonderful food from Rome and the dishes he will be creating for the evening will feature in his book which will be available to be signed and purchased on the evening.   

                                Menu 'Romans of the Thames'

Lagana with fish & pickles - a roman style flat bread with a selection of dips

  (Lagana is a Gluten free and for the vegetarians there will be an olive paste)


Suppli - Fried rice balls stuffed with cheese and named after the telephone cables of Rome                             because of the hot stringy cheese looking like cables

                       (suitable for Gluten Free and vegetarians) 


 Rigatoni Amatriciana - a spicy sauce with black pepper and chilli and 'guanciale' cured pick cheek

                   (there will be a vegetarian and GF alternative)


Porchetta di ariccia with potatoes alla nonna and broccoli - Roast Pork Roman style

          (Porchetta is suitable for GF and vegetarians - Aubergine Parmigiana)


Chocolate and Orange Tiramisu - a chocoholics version of the classic tiramisu

(suitable for vegetarians for GF - Whipped cream with rum and seasonal berries)