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Duration 2hr  2pm-4pm with Afternoon Tea


Your Midsomer cruise from Henley will take you past several murderous locations which have featured in the global sensation that Midsomer Murders. Now showing it's 18th series much of which was filmed in the South Oxfordshire area. Henley has often been featured as causton, Inspecter Barnaby's HQ in the middle of "Murderous Midsomer" and incorporating the beautiful River Thames and locations. It has proved irresistable to the directors in many episodes.     

Much of your cruise will be aong the worlds famous Henley Royal Regatta Cousre, this of course featured heavily as the site of the murder of the chairman of the Midsomer Regatta in "Deadin The Water". At the far end of the regatta course you will visit Hambledon Mill and weir. This has featured in 2 murders most prominently in "The Animal Within"    

As well as the location of the actual murders, you will veiw many other Midsomer locations including: The magnificent Henley Business School at Greenlands, formailly part of the WH Smith family empire, which became the Belvoir Health Club and spa "The Flying Club". 

The village of Remenham which was used extensively as the village of Elverden in "Country Matters" locations used in "Dark Secrets","Last Years Model"and "Stranglers Wood" as wel as all things Midsomer.

Your guide will also explain all the fascinating history of the river, the Royal Regatta and the importance of the Thames, Henley and  most importantly it's bridge , throughout the last 100years of English history.    


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